Mein Kon Hoon by Razia Butt

One of the top novelists of the country who has written more than 50 novels -- of which six or seven have been adapted into movies, and more recently her novel Najia has been turned into a television serial for a private channel รข€“ and 350 essays compiled in books, Razia Butt surprisingly says that she is no longer interested in reading. Through ‘Siaqa, Razia provides the reader with an opportunity to experience reality, as he/she may have never done before. No praise would be enough for her writing skills as she involves the reader in the story in such a way that soon he/she becomes one of the characters. Sharing the experience of the character, the reader faces reality at close range and faces trials and tests of life, the nature of which he has never experienced before. As such ‘Siaqa’ strengthens the character of the one who reads it and prepares him for the worst..

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