Close Enough to Human by Brenna Lyons

It's the culmination of a lifetime of training. Miri Johns is about to meet humans for the first time, as a negotiator for the Xxan who created her. What she doesn't know is that she's part decoy to hide an attack and part cannon fodder. Worse, when it all blows up, she finds herself captured by the humans, an illegal cross-bred experiment used as a weapon against them. The best she can hope for is that they'll kill her without torturing her too badly first. Since she's under a sentence of death on Xxan, whatever the humans do can't be worse.

Aleeks Daahn is a natural-born cross-bred, raised on Earth, and the team leader of an elite military unit. He doesn't question that Mirienne Johns wasn't complicit in the plot against the human council; beyond that, nothing makes sense about her. Why wasn't she claimed by her Xxanian father? And why does the sight of a Dominant male send her into a panic attack?

There's more Xxan in these two than their peculiar skin and eyes. Cross-bred Xxan-Humans have fierce mating instincts, and with Miri at the height of her sexual quickening, Aleeks may not be able to control the Xxan need to Dominate and claim his young prisoner. Nor is he sure he wants to.

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