Download Lucion FileConvert Professional v6.6.0.2501 Cracked-EAT

Eat released released the updated version of ”Lucion FileConvert Professional”. FileConvert is batch PDF conversion software for turning existing files, like scans, faxes, and Word documents into searchable PDF. It will watch for new scans from a network scanner or crawl for files to convert. If you scan with a desktop scanner, look at FileCenter. But if you want to convert network scans or update existing files to searchable PDF, you need FileConvert.
* Batch PDF Conversion Features
* Watch for incoming files
* Convert existing files to PDF
* Make files searchable & indexable
* Make use of your network scanner
* Auto-separate & save files
* Use simple wizards for setup
* Schedule heavy jobs after-hours

Profile of a FileConvert User
Wants or needs a paperless office
Has a network scanner
Has boxes full of paper to archive
Has many unsearchable scans
Wants to delay OCR until off-hours
Wants automatic file separation
Needs easy setup with wizards

Release name: Lucion.FileConvert.Professional.v6.6.0.2501.Cracked-EAT
Size: 28.75 MB

Install Notes
1. Unpack and install.
2. When asked for a key, choose trial option.
3. Replace the main .exe with the included one.

Download  Lucion FileConvert Professional v6.6.0.2501 Cracked-EAT

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