Download Baat Umar Bhar Ki Hai by Umera Ahmad

Umera Ahmed (born in 10, December 1974 in Sialkot) is an Urdu novelist and screenplay writer who is mostly popular for writing Peer-e-Kamil (پیر کامل).

Umera Ahmed first published her stories in monthly Urdu digests such as Khawateen Digest (خواتین ڈاجسٹ) and Shua’h (شعاع). Her stories are still published in episodic format every month in various digests, and are eventually released as separate novels. Her novels Man-o-Salwa, Lahasil and Amar Bail have been adapted into drama series and aired on Hum TV. She is a teacher at Army Public College in Sialkot.

Download Baat Umar Bhar Ki Hai

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