Download Forrest Gump by Winston Groom

"Forrest overcomes the obstacle of being born an idiot. Forrest Gump is a modern Jack tale, where a nim wit out wits the situation with common wit and humour. Forrest has no patience in first grade he can not focus. His mind wonders on what is happening outside. The teacher cannot accept Forrest, he is demoted and sent to the state reformany for his education. Where he remains until the local high school football coach sees walking home from school. Forrest later becomes a big football hero after days of hard head hitting practice for him to understand the plays. The coach gets angry intially at Forrest mishaps until he figures out that Forrest can run. The coad sees this as a breaktrough. Forrest goes onto to be the state champian. From there sentenced by a judge to join the United States Army. Through out the book he continues to drift into one mishap one after the next where he is victorious. He becomes a war hero on, then a ping pong player and latter becomes a jogger to escape his childhood sweetheart. She floats in and out of his like a Monarch butterfly returns every summer." ~Resident Scholar

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